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The beginning

Street photography is something that caught my attention for quite a while. I was eager to try it, get some comfortable shoes, step out of my backyard and capture moments (and people)! I had the impression that it was going to be easier said than done but I didn’t want that thought to suppress my impulses.

EDENA premium website template

The reality

While you are at home, reading about street photography, you feel comfortable…you might even feel strong, looking at all the wonderful pictures on the internet. If they can do it…why not me! but then reality kicks in as soon as you take your camera out. On the street I felt miserable! I was not comfortable, I felt out of place and that showed up on my photos…terrible! What was I doing wrong? why was it so damn hard to take interesting street photos? I wanted to know the answers, to solve this riddle and do something about it.

EDENA premium website template

The evolution

I slowly realised that I had to become more “comfortable” with the people, blend in way more than I was used to. I needed to have a smile ready to be deployed if strangers looked at me skeptically. Or be prepared to show or erase the picture if somebody didn’t want their photo on my camera. All these thougths are simple, but I wasn’t born with them! Smiling worked best for me. I remember walking in Paris and taking pictures of a pizza maker. He was working and his movements and expressions were so interesting…so I took a picture of him. Of course he noticed me and looked up very skeptical…I smiled he smiled back and started talking in italian making jokes! The picture turned out to be bad, but that is not the point here.

EDENA premium website template

The results

After spending quite some time finding my way in the streets, I managed to shoot some interesting pictures and I wanted to share them with you. I still have not reached the point I am pursuing but photography is a journey and I am on it!

Ready for action?

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